Our Company Name

We are KheloMCX. Most required Commodity Advisory in India!

When we took the name KheloMcx, it wasn’t an accident. We spent a long time looking for a name that reflected our business and what we do for our customers. We were guided by two principles:

  1. We make MCX trading affordable for small investors – for people like you
  2. We do our business on the internet – making MCX trading accessible & profitable to everyone
  • MCX is the business we are in – commodities trading
  • Khelo is an abbreviation of game – this is often used on the internet and reflects our web focus
  • Basemetal & Energy trading – trade as little as 7000/- per month
  • Subscribe to our Premium Services & trade like a boss & leave the research & hardwork to us & earn profits.

We also offer Premium Research Reports to help you learn commodities trading by analyzing chart patterns & fundamentals, with research reports you’ll be able to do everything below:

  • Make trades & understand market factors
  • Learn about commodity trading using real money – but with minimal risk

While you’re learning with your Advisory Services, we want you to understand how you’re doing. We offer a free performance analysis service that lets you do the following things:

  • Evaluate your trading performance
  • Understand the risks as your margin levels rise
  • Track other performance indicators – such as transaction periodicity and recovery factors
  • Get recommendations on how to improve your trading strategy

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