In India apart from the share market commodity market is strongly making is presence felt. Commodities have become an important and integral part of trading arena in past few years. Also the Indian commodity market is fast streamlining itself with other Asian and global markets. This has a skyrocketing effect on the prices of commodities in the market.
Commodities like wheat , rice, aluminium, gold, silver etc are constantly in demand and this demand is only going to increase in future with the growth of population. This means that market is going to be on the high tide of trading. So those who are not joining the party will be the ones who are away from the gold mine.
In India the commodity market is estimated at Rs 1,40,000 crores which includes agricultural commodities and metals . base and precious both. All of it cost around a 58% of total domestic product. So it is next to impossible to look away from Commodity trading. Those who wish to diversify away from shares , real estate, bonds etc are investing heavily in commodities.
For those who are entering the market for the first time there are companies which provide commodity trading tips. It is a safe and easy way to enter the market without risking too much, but before venturing in with a company make sure you are with a name of trust and worthiness.
For an unpredictable share market commodity market comes as a respite as it involves less risk and better returns. But the greatest threat is of speculation. Never become a prey of over speculation and incur loss.

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Best tips for how to choose the right commodity tips advisory

By choosing the right commodity tips advisory can help resolve all questions of a commodity trader first. You can shortlist brokers a presence throughout the country and perform a comparative analysis based on the following factors:

  • Evaluate brand strength.
  • Employees strengths.
  • Number of years that the company has been in the commodities business.
  • Company long-term performance record.
  • Availabilities in important areas such as research and trading system online / offline services.
  • What is their commodity trading strategy and does not fit with your investment goals?
  • Have a complaint against him?
  • Commodity advisory fees; the lower the better.
  • How many accounts advisory currently manage? Whether the number appear to be high, your account may not be a top priority for him.

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